Thermalite Aircrete Hi-Strength Coursing Brick

Thermalite Coursing Bricks are autoclaved aerated blocks produced in standard brick sizes for use in bonding and infill to ensure that a uniform thermal performance is achieved throughout the wall. Hi-Strength Coursing Bricks and Blocks are also available for use in walls built of Hi-Strength 7 or 10 blocks.

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Product Description


  • Protects against pattern staining
  • Ensures uniform thermal performance
  • 80 per cent recycled content
  • Moisture resistance
  • BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification


Key Data

Compressive Strength: 7.3, 9 N/mm²

λ Design: 0.18, 0.19 W/m.K

Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm): 215 x 65

Dimensions and Weights

Block thicknesses and weights at equilibrium density (for 440 x 215mm)

Height Length Width Dry Weight
65mm 215mm 100mm 1.1kg
65mm 215mm 115mm 1.2kg
65mm 215mm 125mm 1.3kg
65mm 215mm 140mm 1.5kg
65mm 215mm 150mm 1.6kg


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