Thermalite Aircrete Floor Endblock

Detailing is made easy with Thermalite Floor Endblocks and Flooring Slips, which are available in two modular bedding heights for closing at the edge of the floor.

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Product Description


  • Lightweight
  • Improves thermal performance of the floor
  • Endblocks and slips are available for easy detailing
  • 80 per cent recycled content
  • BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification


Key Data

Compressive Strength: 4 N/mm²

λ Design: 0.16 W/m.K

Dry Density: 660 kg/m³

Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm): 440 x 140

Dimensions and Weights

Height Length Width Dry Weight
140mm 440mm 150mm 5.7kg
140mm 440mm 175mm 6.7kg


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