Evalast Easilift Aggregate Block

Evalast Easilift blocks offer the same features as our Evalast Background dense concrete blocks but are a shorter length making them easier to handle on site. They can be used in any part of a project and their high strength and sound insulation performance makes them especially applicable to partition and separating walls.

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Product Description


  • High strength
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Small size making them easier to handle
  • BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification


Key Data

Compressive Strength: 7.3, 10.4 N/mm²

λ Internal: 1.32 W/m.K

λ External: 1.42 W/m.K

Dry Density: 1990 kg/m³

Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm): 290 x 215

Dimensions and Weights

Block thicknesses and weights at equilibrium density (for 440 x 215mm)

Height Length Width Dry Weight
215mm 290mm 140mm 17.5kg


Cavity Walls
Solid Walls
Separating Walls